HOLIDAY ACTIVITIES  - The next programme is February half term.

This will be released on Friday 19th January.

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This is a copy of my letter to our local MP regarding EPOSS activities.

Good Morning Mr Shelbrooke.

I am commonly known to local parents as ’the EPOSS lady’. I work for EPOSS 3 day a week and my job is to organise the holiday activities for the children of the 16 Primary Schools and the 2 High School who sit within the EPOSS Cluster during school holidays. I have been doing this job for the last 8 years.

The funding for this holiday programme comes from the schools themselves along with a very generous donation from the Youth Activity Fund granted by the Ward Councillors.

I love my job. I arrange holiday activities (mostly sports and some arts) to give children something to do in the holidays and to give them a taste of a new sport or activity which then feeds them into a local club. These activities take place at the 2 local High Schools who are both incredibly generous and give me first dibs on all of their facilities. I did try putting activities into Primary Schools but this failed because Primaries don’t have the site staff available to organise this. This works. So many EPOSS kids go on to join out of school clubs through EPOSS. Children with extra-curricular hobbies are proven to do better in school and stay out of trouble. Many studies have been done to prove this.

Boston Spa School has fantastic facilities. If the Local Authority bulldoze one of my venues I will only have one school available in to put activities on. I realise they plan to rebuild Wetherby High School which would be fantastic but they are only going to build a school with one sports hall, one gym and one astro-turf etc. At the moment I can run multiple activities simultaneously at 2 different venues. Both High School are the centre of their communities. Both High Schools have a plethora of clubs who use the facilities from 4pm-10pm 5 night a week. To close a school would mean so many community clubs would have to fold as they had no venue. I would have no clubs available to pass half of my EPOSS kids on to.

I understand the Local Authority plan a leisure centre. This is of very limited use to me. The 1st.2nd and 3rd most important parts of my role are safeguarding, safeguarding and safeguarding. I cannot take over the use of a whole leisure centre for EPOSS activities as they need to make money. I cannot DBS check every member of the public who may use the leisure centre whilst EPOSS children are doing activities. And in all fairness it is only right that adults in the community have their place where they can work on keeping that fit and healthy. Leisure Centres are busy every evening also providing community clubs already who have no space to pick up the Boston Spa clubs.

Boston Spa School has a massive sports hall, 3 large gym halls, a sprung floor dance studio, 2 fully fitted fitness gyms, a new indoor (2 full court size) Tennis centre, 6 outdoor tennis courts, very large astro-turf pitch and extensive sports fields.

I urge you to take this into consideration as once these facilities are bulldozed over, we will never get them back and so much will be lost.

Yours sincerely
Lisa Blythe
EPOSS Activities Co-ordinator


Programme updates and Programme release will now be posted to Twitter.


EPOSS holiday activities should run during most school holidays. Look out for the Activity Booklet in your school or download the document on this early to avoid disappointment!

Don't forget, you can search Breeze Leeds and The Family Hub at any time to see other activities for all ages in your area. Breeze Summer holiday programme can be found at


It is your right and responsibility as a parent to check how well a club, activity or service is run, for the sake of your child's safety and your peace of mind. Remember, a well-run club, activity or service will welcome questions from parents.
EPOSS can take no reponsibility for the quality or standards of individual providers, and would like to state that inclusion in this website listing is not a recommendation and is for information only.


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